Aperion Project Biographies

Brandon Rizzo-Wojak is a Chicago based musician who focuses his talents on trumpet and piano. He founded the Aperion Project in 2005, a multi genre music project that includes live instruments, electronic elements, improvisation and modern composition techniques. He has composed, performed and produced numerous original musical pieces which can be found on aperionproject.com. Aperion Project has performed at select Chicago venues such as The Heartland Cafe, Underground Lounge and Uncommon Ground and on various live radio stations including 89.3FM WNUR and 88.3FM WZRD. He has also attracted the interest of independent European music labels, like the Dutch WMRecordings.com and south Italy's Studiolo Laps Musical Research. Brandon has extensive training and education which has culminated in a Bachelor of Arts degree in Jazz Studies from Columbia College Chicago where he studied under influential Chicago musical figures such as Scott Hall and William Russo. Brandon teaches all ages beginning piano and all ages and levels on trumpet. He strongly believes in teaching core musical concepts - rhythm, theory, improvisation and technique - to all students at all levels based on their own individuality.

Gabriel Patti is a Chicago based visual and sound artist with roots in jazz and improvisational art and music. He has exhibited artworks regionally and internationally, is a member of the Phantom Gallery Network, and an educator at The Black Couch. Often he renders unusual urban scenes where memory and invention are blurred. Gabriel is compelled to serendipitous, impermanent moments and capturing them in paint, whether they are melting ice, burning or destroyed buildings, smashed televisions, and there corresponding sounds. Merging seen and imagined objects with text, hieroglyphs and pictographs, these paintings are an amalgam of information where the sources are obfuscated, whether drawn from digital camera, web images, printed material, or ‘in the flesh’. His sound paintings are a synesthetic approach to ambient noise and vision. Tones, noise and the general din are interpreted by color according to R.O.Y.G.B.I.V.; high frequencies = blue/violet, low frequencies = red. Walls and floor ‘show’ themselves when vibrated and streets and sidewalks are ‘found’ by sounds of transit. Familiar or recurring objects get more drawn out but buried under other sound/actions. These paintings are a stream of consciousness guided by the music of life. Another series is cellular phone masks where old sets are disassembled and reimagined on canvas. Like his collage work, they are an analog process to a digital concept melding the primitive and futuristic. Patti employs the same process with his calligraphic camouflage watercolors, hiding words in gestural marks. Gabriel’s sense of absurd humor can been seen throughout his work and hopes the viewer will laugh at his paintings while enjoying subtleties of color and texture.